Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Entry Dated - November 19th, 2007

Note:We are not including every entry in the diary. Only the most pertinent or those that provide background to the incident. The November 19th entry is approximately 2 days before the "event". Tracy mentions her various family members and the workings of the dairy farm where she lives.

November 19th, 2007

Jesus Christ! Every time I try to convince Dad that we should go organic he won't listen to me! Organic food can feed the world! Stop global warming and no pesticides!! The runoff from our farm pollutes the local creek. He thinks I'm just a kid but wait until I go to college next year. I'm changing my major from business to agriculture management or biology. Then he'll have to listen to me!

I was up all night studying and had just went to bed at 4am when Danny banged on my door to wake me up! He and Dad were expecting a delivery of some new grain from a new distributor. Dad said it's cheaper! I screamed at Danny and he laughed and ran off. I can't WAIT until college.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We are publishing the diary entries of Tracy Calhoun, 17 of Meadville, Pa. Her diary was found in an abandoned car three miles from her home. Tracy and her family have vanished. Their home located on a farm surrounded by woodland was found burned to the ground. No further information has been released by the authorities although many strange rumors have surfaced.

Among them that almost fifty bodies were found around and inside the home. None of them of the family. The bodies were of recently deceased people from the surrounding area. People who it seems had themselves died very mysteriously.

I repeat, the bodies were of the "recently deceased".

There seems to have been an "event" that happened near the farm. The government is being very quiet about it. They've suggested there was an outbreak of "mad cow" disease which is why there was a quarantine of the area for approximately 23 days.

Family members of the Calhoun's became concerned when they weren't able to reach them. When they approchaed the area, they encountered a U.S. Army road block of the farm. All attempts to gain information about the status of the family were rebuffed by the government.

This information reached me via an anonymous email. I am attempting to get further information via the Freedom of Information Act. When you read the entries in Tracy's diary you will understand why.

If this diary is real, it's obvious that an event, so frightening, so surreal, so unimaginable happened in a small town in Pennsylvania that may change the course of human history.